The Services
Finance and Accounting
Finance and Accounting is looks after on budget control and billing as well as Accounting, rentals and rates.

Municipal Affairs
Municipal Affairs Department handles Planning and Building Control, Customer Responsibility Management (CRM) which consist of a Helpdesk Customer Service, Call Center and Emergency Call 911.  This Department also provide the service of Resident Relations - delivery of homes to new residents, Event and Publications which handles all the street-side advertising and official publications such as Lippo Village magazine, fliers, etc.

Town Engineering Services
The Engineering Services is responsible for the maintenance of Roads and Drains, Electricity and Telecommunications, Public Transport covers internal and City-to-City (Mall to Mall) public bus services and Home Care Services.

Environment Services

The town's highly regarded Environment Department concentrates on Road sweeping and Landscape maintenance, Solid Waste collection and recycling, as well as Health and Hygiene (Pest Control - rats, cockroaches, dog's rabies, mosquitoes, snake etc).

Water and Sanitation
Provide the potable water for the residents and stakeholders as well as ensuring a smooth water distribution to each residential area and commercial area.  Water and Sanitation Department also handles the sewerage treatment and recycle it into recyclable water being used for washing the road, landscape watering, etc.


Protective Services
Security is seen as important aspect of city living in Indonesia.  Lippo Village has many Security force, dealing with estate patrols, traffic, pedestrian safety, traffic arrangement and so on.  Security guards on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to perform security checks at the gated clusters within the complex by means of the latest technology for vehicle and Resident access control with Smart-Card technology.

Home Care Unit
All of residents needs from repair work, maintenance, renovation until the construction of new homes can be done by HCU. The officers are professional and experienced in their field. "Our residents satisfaction and convenience of our residents are the main point. Nowadays, there are many developers that developing residential areas, but only in Lippo Village you can enjoy 365 days of service by our standby officers for 24 hours a day. These is what makes Lippo Village different from other residential areas".  HCU work is warranty.


Public Transportation
In the Lippo Village area, we provide Internal Shuttle Bus in a timely manner.  We also provide External Shuttle Bus and helicopter services to many areas in Jakarta and surrounding areas.