Town Management

Lippo Village was uniquely designed and developed with social facilities built before the commencement of the development of the housing complex.

Most cities around the world are run by the Government, in contrast to the uniqueness of Lippo Village.  Almost all existing infrastructure are financed and built by the developer, the management is also carried out by the private parties, called Town Management Division (TMD). 

Lippo Village is also a privately managed town, run by professional managers under the auspices of Town Management (TMD).

Town Management, also known as TMD, is the management company that runs Lippo Village, which consists of Five departments: 

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Municipal Affairs
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Environment Services
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Protective Services

TMD is organized and directed under the control of PT. Lippo Karawaci Tbk, which has been in the forefront of developing new townships such as  Lippo Cikarang and Tanjung Bunga Makassar, highrise building apartment called St. Moritz and Kemang Village.

All officers and employees of TMD will do their best to deliver quality services to residents and tenants to maintain public order and safety, preserve the village environment and protect the Lippo Village’s assets and infrastructure for the benefit and interest of all, and to respond and act responsibly in meeting the collective needs of its stakeholders (permanent residents and transients).

Everyone in Lippo Village is entitled to a safe, healthy and efficiently-run city and TMD is ensuring that these objectives are carried out in the most efficient and effective maner possible.  TMD is committed to give the best services to its residents and stakeholders, Taking Greater Care of You.