Taking Care of Your Pet

The presence of pets in the home can increase the happiness in the family, whether dogs, cats, fish, birds or other pets.  Some say they can become friends and some people say they are like family.  It's OK if people have either perspective because animals can definitely add extra happiness to the owner.

TMD does not prohibit residents from taking care of, or having pets at home.  But it must be recognized that not all of the residents love pets for a variety of reasons, such as health issues and also the inconvenience caused by a pet.

In order to maintain good social relations between residents and to avoid offending one another because of your much loved pet, we urge you, the pet owners, to considering several things that we also use as an occupancy reference :

  • Pets are not allowed to roam in Lippo Village without supervision of the owner.  The maximum distance between the owners and the animals connected with a chain is 2 meters.
  • No vicious o dangerous animal are allowed.
  • No protected animals by the Government.
  • No farm animals or traded animals.
  • They must not cause noise or odor or any flights feathers.

  • Do not leave animal faeces in public areas.  Owners who take their pets out of the house should bring paper bags/ plastic and collect it.
  • You must provide a place, or an animal cage, that does not interfere with the environment.

Please pay attention to these guidelines and always make sure that other people will not be disturbed by the presence of your pet.