Rolling Hills

The Highest Cluster Area in Lippo Village 

Located at the highest area of Lippo Village, the newest cluster Rolling Hills has now sold more than fifty percent.  The cluster is equipped with an exclusive Club House and magnificent main gate.

Customers love the Mediterranean concept that you feel in Rolling Hills” Most of the buyers are from middle to upper income couples and young families. They are impressed with the quality of standards and the comfort of living.

Having a home in Lippo Village is not only for the convenient lifestyle, but from an investment point of view the benefit is also very promising.  This can be seen from the large numbers of customers who already own property in Lippo Karawaci are purchasing more and rental prices in Lippo Karawaci are higher compared to the surrounding residential areas.

Surrounding areas have also grown, providing several shops, restaurants and salons. And don’t forget, the whole environment is managed professionally by Town Management which adds some extra value to having property in Lippo Village.

For those who are interested in living in Lippo Village or if you want to invest, what are you waiting for? Call immediately Lippo Village Marketing at (021) 5420-3636 to choose the best locations in Rolling Hills.